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How To Get Inspired

How to get inspired? Becoming inspired is a different process for everyone, sometimes you feel so inspired you don’t have the time to create all the awesome things in your mind and other times you simply don’t have the time to research all the things you have to create! Arghhh the dilemma!

My own personal challenges stem from this lack of time and the pressure it can put on your stress levels. No one can perform successfully under stress forever so it’s important to get your creative juices settled before you shake them up.

Listen To What Your Body Needs

This sounds very ‘self-help book’ I know but it honestly is the best thing I’ve learnt. If you’re tired you’re probably not going to be in the right frame of mind to conjure up a client winning concept. The same can be said for if you’re hungry, stressed, tense, angry or cold.

So first sort yourself out and then you’re ready to roll.

A cosy place - annotated
A cosy place

Set The Scene

Get comfortable, grab a blanket or stick on a fan so you’re not distracted by those beads of sweat rolling down your forehead! Grab a drink or snack that you love (but isn’t going to give you a sugar-induced coma) and sip it while you leisurely trawl the internet. Make this task an enjoyable experience that you’ll want to do again.

Make Notes

We’ve all had that moment when we realise for the past hour we’ve been looking at photos of those cute puppies that kinda look like bears (you know the ones) instead of researching anything useful. To mindfully observe your research take notes, screenshots and photos as you go along. You won’t note anything that’s not important. This is also fantastic for a couple of days down the line when you want to recap!

Puppies vs Notes
Puppies vs Notes

Look In The Mirror

Not literally, but definitely look at your own work! We spend a lot of our time looking to others for inspiration, but who better to learn from than yourself and the mistakes/successes you made. Build upon those successes and you’ll also be on the path to developing your signature style.

Know Where To Go

We all have places that inspire us every time, so for quick results find out where/what inspires you most. For me online is a great place to look, particularly Pinterest and Instagram where you can organise your thoughts clearly. However, for a real-life experience, artisan markets are great and you can’t beat a good cinema trip for awakening the imagination… or at least that does the trick for me.

Organising Inspiration on Pinterest
Organising Inspiration on Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to get inspired. They have helped me in times of need when the eureka moment won’t come naturally, but I’m curious to hear your tips! What’s helped you during a creative funk?

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